Learn about living with bears; creating bear smart communities; recreating in bear country; bear safety at work; and managing bears (for wildlife officials).


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The Get Bear Smart Society (GBS) is a charitable organization that relies on grants and donations to fund its work. We are leading the way toward a future where bears and people can coexist in and around our communities and in the backcountry.

Your generous financial support will allow us to continue conducting research, influencing government policy and decision-making, educating the public and key stakeholders, and developing cutting-edge solutions to human-bear conflict problems.

Monthly gifts have a significant impact on saving bear’s lives. Regular giving offers our charity a steady and predictable source of funding, allowing us to more effectively plan and carry out our bear smart programming. We can concentrate on fulfilling our mission by having the ability to plan future projects and initiatives without worrying if enough funds will come in to carry out our charitable efforts.

Other Ways To Donate

Leave a Legacy of Compassion

You can continue your lifetime of caring after your passing by remembering in your will the animals and the animal protection organizations which have earned your trust.

You can use thoughtful estate planning – regardless of the size of your estate – to go on helping animals.

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A bequest in your will is a wonderful and simple way to make a charitable gift that will help ensure the Get Bear Smart Society’s important work of saving and protecting bears is carried on.

If you are interested in making a charitable bequest, consult your lawyer to notify them of your wish to leave a gift to the Get Bear Smart Society. Your bequest may be in any form, such as a sum of money, an asset, or an investment.

Let us thank you

If you’ve named the Get Bear Smart Society in your will please let us know – we’d love to thank you for your kindness and generosity.

How it works

If you wish to change your current will to include a gift to the Get Bear Smart Society, you can request your lawyer to prepare a codicil. A codicil is a signed and witnessed document that adds a new gift, or changes or eliminates a provision in your will. It appendages your current will and prevents the need to redraft the entire document.

Sample wording to make a general bequest in support of the Get Bear Smart Society is:

THE GET BEAR SMART SOCIETY located in Sechelt, BC Canada is to receive the sum of $__________, or __________ (asset), or ____% of my Estate, to be used for its general purposes.

Types of bequests you can consider

There are many ways you can make a bequest that you may wish to discuss with your lawyer as you consider making – or updating – your will.

1. Residual bequest. This gift allows you to give a percentage value from your estate.

2. Specific bequest. This gift allows you to give a fixed dollar value.

3. Contingent bequest. This gift allows you to make a bequest on condition that a certain event must occur before distribution to the beneficiary. For example, you may want to name a secondary beneficiary lest the primary beneficiary fails to survive you.

Special considerations if you plan a charitable bequest to help support the Get Bear Smart Society include marking your bequest as an:

Unrestricted bequest: This type of gift allows your gift to be directed towards the area of greatest need.

Restricted bequest: This type of gift allows you to specify how the funds will be used. Discuss your plans with the Get Bear Smart Society to see how your wishes can best be carried out.

How to make a Charitable Bequest

For more information about making a Charitable Bequest, please contact: Sylvia using our contact form. Thank you for considering making this special commitment.

Note: A will should be made in consultation with your lawyer.

The Get Bear Smart Society’s charitable registration number is 877206565RP0001.

Gifts of Securities

A donation of securities or mutual funds is the most efficient way to give charitably. Since capital gains taxes don’t apply, our charity receives the full fair market value when the security is sold, and you get a tax receipt which reflects your larger contribution. This allows you to give more and get more.

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About This Charity

Our Mission

The Get Bear Smart Society (GBS) champions progressive management policies that reduce both the number of human-bear conflicts and the number of bears destroyed. Our mission is to provide a safe environment in which people and bears can coexist in harmony.

We accomplish this by educating people on dealing with bears in their communities; and promoting innovative bear management practices. Overall, we are creating a paradigm shift in people’s attitudes toward bears and other wildlife by replacing fear and ignorance with understanding and respect.

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