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Mobilizing People

Move People into ACTION!

Apart from fundraising, communications is probably the most important part of running a successful organization or campaign. There are dozens of tools out there to help nonprofits develop and implement successful communications strategies, but we like the smart tools developed by Spitfire Strategies.

Spitfire’s Smart Chart has already helped hundreds of nonprofit organizations around the world hone their communications goals and craft strategic plans for achieving them. Now there is Smart Chart 3.0, a communications planning tool that makes it even easier to craft winning communications plans. There’s an online version and a traditional paper version.

Activation Point takes communications one step further, helping nonprofits figure out how to move people from knowledge to action. Activation PointTM provides a round-up of best practices to plan for persuasion, tailored to the unique needs of social change organizations.

Click here to learn how to mobilize concerned people to supportive action by identifying and leveraging their activation points.