Learn about living with bears; creating bear smart communities; recreating in bear country; bear safety at work; and managing bears (for wildlife officials).
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    04 Nov 2018
    Bears deserve to have some rights. For example, a bear has the right to expect that you will be an educated resident of bear country and be willing to accommodate the needs of bears into your lifestyle and daily habits; and ...
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    12 Sep 2018
    Bears play an important role in the environment. We are just beginning to learn how bears positively impact the environment...
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    23 Mar 2018
    To avoid being face-to-snout with a bruin on your own property, it’s important to learn a bit of bear country etiquette.
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    12 Feb 2022
    Bylaws reflect a community’s overall principles and values and are meant to evolve as the community’s standards and norms shift. Local government councils, or boards,...
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Be Outdoors. Be Prepared.

Enjoying the great outdoors starts with being prepared and having the right tools to keep you and your group safe from Wildlife.  Kodiak Wildlife products range from the essential Bear Spray and holsters to Bear Bangers, Flares, Bear Bells, Deterrent Horns and Bear Safety Kits for workers in the field.

The Bear Necessities

Set in the black & white silent film era, let our not-so-bear-smart couple teach you a thing or two about living in bear country. This fun & entertaining video is a great educational tool for school groups, families, young adults, and tourists visiting bear country. Learn More.

Becoming a Bear Smart Community

Watch the video to see what Bear Smart means for one Montana town.

Program Highlight

Bear Smart Restaurant program in full swing

Do you work at a restaurant? Check out our bear smart restaurant program here.
Watch a short video about getting bear smart on the job.

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Things you can do today!

Whether it’s at home, at work, or in the woods, learning how to reduce human-bear conflicts can help prevent property damage, reduce the chance of an unpleasant encounter with a bear, and ensure that bears live long and happy lives.

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