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  1. Laurentiu Gavrea alias Franz

    I am living in a city (named BUSTENI in the PRAHOVA Valley County of ROMANIA in SE Europe).
    Here, because of the diminuish of their natural supplies in the upper mountains, tens of bears daily go down in this city around garbage collector points among resident houses searching for anykind foods rest, night by night more desperately since winter approaching…
    Here in this wonderful city down to Bucegi Mountains there is no more matter to keep bears apart from windows opened or foods disposals at direct sight. Major and local authorities left too many residents to develop their private gardens as they wanted so that residents today have a lot of domestic animals/birds noisy attractive inside, from chickens to pigeons or puppies so flemish bears are coming trying everithing here due to permanent and consistent attraction. Garbage collectors are only last alternative for them. There are enough official records for humans attacked around their gardens but even while entering their block of flats where they live… So this is how become a daily new risky surviving matter both for bears and for public living in this city… On the other hands I observed that generally these bears avoid me as any human presence if we lazy move calm with no aggression to let bears to get image about our presence in order to have time to unstressfully go out, back to the forest from they come. However, often, little bear cubs are too curious and goes to my or my neighboors legs to smell…raising much more risky potential conflict situations since they all are to be then followed by bears moms in the proximate… In this case I have to try then successfully applied an opposite strategy: I use a PET bottle found around to strike it for a shocky noise that certainly annoy or scare enough to shoo all bears around.
    I only have to get a noisy plastic while going to my appartment in that block in the late evening when bears go down in the city to have a meal from garbages etc.
    I was long term mountaineer knowing at best this alpine region passing tens bear accidentally meetings while crossing the wild forests with no injury as all bears avoided my presence due to the noise that me and my club friends used to keep them apart from our hiking but here today I prefered to relocate in an appartment in the upper floors instead of ground level house…
    We daily train to improve our living joining bears as I love them all and prefere as you promote decently and smartly: to prevent as much we can because we human beings can adjust our adapted behaviour much more and faster than expecting from bears…

    1. stravo lukos

      Great post! Thanks Laurentiu! You are correct. We are far more adaptable than the bears. I only wish they knew how much some of us love them. If they befriend people, it’s usually the ignorance of the people that gets the bears in trouble. We try re-location in Washington state, but it is amazing how many bears will return over hundreds of kilometers to get back to their old turf. It is best, as you said, to make a lot of noise & shoo them away. Sad, but better all around.

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