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Invest in a future for bears

As a not-for-profit charitable organization, Get Bear Smart (GBS) relies on grants and donations from individuals, businesses, and other organizations to fund our work. As a critical voice for bears in the Whistler Valley, GBS is honored to be supported and funded through a very diverse group of community stakeholders who believe in
GBS initiatives and champion our work.

While the above listed supporters are big-ticket supporters who go a long way in funding the work of the Get Bear Smart Society, anyone can give and be apart of our efforts here.

One critical project we’ve been working on is our habitat replacement project. Where natural habitat has been damaged or disturbed by human development GBS is working with local organizations to rehabilitate or enhance natural habitat in areas surrounding development. By doing this we can keep bears in their natural habitat and away from residential and commercial developments.

We do this by thinning heavily wooded areas near natural bear-travel areas to allow for sunlight to penetrate the thick forest canopy promoting richer undergrowth and by planting food-bearing plants for bears’ consumption. Prime areas for habitat enhancement are ski hills, parks, and golf courses.

You can invest in the future of bears by funding the purchase of a tree or several trees. Not only will you be helping keep bears out of trouble, you’ll be making a positive impact on the environment as well.
“We are planting 100 or so plants each year with volunteer labor,” comments Bear Smart director Sylvia Dolson. “If we were able to secure sufficient funding we could hire professional landscapers, buy some soil and fertilizer and set up some temporary irrigation on a large plot of trees. That is something I think would have a long-term benefit to bears and other animals, especially birds. It’s sustainable and you can watch it grow and watch the bears feed on the berries. A very cool project.”

On behalf of our furry friends and neigh-bears, consider a contribution of just $10 to buy a tree and save bears lives. If you can help buy more trees…all the better, buy a grove if you can! Follow this link to learn more about our Habitat Replacement Program.

Donations are gratefully received online at www.bearsmart.com/donate and are tax-receiptable within the year they are received.