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Five Bear Smart Christmas Gifts

With tons of snow, festivity, cheer and enough lights to transform the Whistler Village into a real-life Whoville, Christmas in Whistler is one of the most beautiful times of year and, in all probability, the least likely time you’ll see a bear. By Christmas even our big hungry male bears should be denned up for the winter and happily sleeping off a busy summer of packing on the calories.

Now that the bears are hibernating and human-bear conflicts are on the decline, our winter season is the time of year when we do some of our most important work: raising funds to continue the vital work of the Get Bear Smart Society. As an award winning organization our work is dependant on fundraising, donations, grants, and the sale of our Bear Smart branded products.

1. A Whistler Bear Story

This beautiful photo-book sits prominently on my living room’s coffee table and often becomes the center of conversation for guests in our home. Written and photographed by Sylvia Dolson and Katherine Fawcett, this book tells the individual stories of different bears in the Whistler region and reads like a bear-family journal. A great gift!

2. Joy of Bears

Give a little joy this Christmas! Joy of Bears is a collection of breathtaking images and thought-provoking words sure to bring joy to your heart and enrich your spirit. The book takes the reader on an inspiring journey into the world of the Great Bear and discover the true and often unseen nature of black bears, grizzlies and polar bears.

A must have for any animal lover and a beautiful coffee table piece sure to bring smiles and conversation to guests in your home. It is the great bear’s gift to us. Enjoy and share.

3. Bear Smart Kids Booklet

Simply, my 4-year-old straight up loved this book. Filled with interesting facts, coloring, and activities this fun little book is perfect for ages 3+ and served as a great discussion starter to teach my children about bears. Worth every penny.

4. Bear-ology Playing Cards

Who doesn’t want to play poker with Bear-ology playing cards? That’s right, no one. These are awesome and hopefully the laugh-out-loud bear-ology facts won’t throw you off your game.

5. Donation to Get Bear Smart

With time ticking down to receive a tax-receipt for the 2014 tax-year, now is the time to make your last minute donations in to the Get Bear Smart Society. Donations go a long way in helping us continue what we do here in Whistler and as we amplify our voice as an authority with the world of bear advocacy. Consider Christmas gifting to GBS this season!