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Berries not birdseed! Summer Foods

Bears spend the majority of their time eating and searching for food and can consume up to a huge 20,000 calories a day! That is a lot compared to the average 1,800 calories needed by an adult human. So what is it that bears eat? Much like humans, black bears eat a variety of plant and animal foods throughout the year depending on what is available from the environment.

At this time of year:

Back bears should be moving up higher in the mountains in search of ant colonies and bumblebee/wasp nests (major sources of protein) as well as natural vegetation including berries and other soft fruits, like wild huckleberries, blueberries, Saskatoon and mountain ash berries.

What bears should NOT be eating:

…… landscaped fruit trees/berrie bushes, garden food, pet food, garbage, recycling or bird seed. Bird feeders can become an easy source of high calories for bears. Just 7 pounds of bird seed is equal to 12,180 calories! That is half their daily intake in one go! Take down your bird feeders so that you do not attract bears to your home or into residential areas.

Remember that a bear who regularly accesses human food/ waste may ultimately be killed to protect public safety. KEEP OUR BEARS WILD AND SAFE!