Staying Safe in Bear Country

The Safety in Bear Country Society, in co-operation with the International Association for Bear Research and Management, has developed three excellent videos about staying safe in bear country.

Copies of this videso can be purchased online from Distribution Access or by calling 1-800-665-4121. They can be purchased for home use or with Public Presentation Rights (PPR), which means they are licenced to allow showings to non-paying audiences. PPR sets also can be purchased from Kodiak Wildlife Products Inc.

Staying Safe in Bear Country provides important information to help reduce human injuries and property damage from grizzly and black bears throughout North America while also reducing unnecessary bear deaths.

The major message of these videos is that a much greater degree of co-existence with bears is possible if people understand and apply a few safety principles. These videos will allow people to appreciate bears and the places where they live.

Staying Safe in Bear Country video coverStaying Safe in Bear Country is the main 50-minute video that is a stand-alone educational tool for anyone living, traveling or working in bear country. It includes the consensus opinion of leading experts on bear behaviour and its relevance to human safety.

People who watch the video will develop a better understanding of bear behaviour and how this knowledge can help them prevent bear encounters and attacks.

The entire script and the main messages are available online.

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