Learn about living with bears; creating bear smart communities; recreating in bear country; bear safety at work; and managing bears (for wildlife officials).

Resources for Kids & Teachers


For Teachers:

Incorporate a bear unit into your class! The following list provides educational materials and ideas for teachers.

Online resources

Ontario Bear Wise website includes information about black bear ecology providing teachers with a classroom ready resource on: background readings on the Bears of North America; hibernation and bear-human interactions; lesson plans and suggested activities; resources including a glossary, list of books and web sites and information sheets about black bears. This program aims to generate awareness about black bears – their biological needs; their behaviour and how human action influences bears. It is an initiative of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Guides for grades 2, 4 and 7 are downloadable [NOTE: click on the grade level you want to download].

Download activities for your students

Check out the eco-related resources from CPAWS (Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society).

Bears of Banff: In this simulation game students assume the role of grizzlies as they try to meet their basic needs in a compromised ecosystem. Download the .pdf.

Where is Sophie? Using real GPS data points, students analyze a map to determine if Sophie, a real bear, is behaving the way a normal bear should. Download the .pdf.

Why the Y2Y ? Students represent various stakeholders on the issue of conserving habitat for bears, illustrating the complexities. Download the .pdf.

Ecosystem Enigmas: Students learn about the enigmas that occur when we try to manage a complex ecosystem. Find out why trees need bears and wolves! Download the .pdf.

Weird Webs: What happens when you remove a grizzly bear or a flower from an ecosystem or food web? Play this game to find out! Download the .pdf.

Get an Edukit

A trunk full of props educators can borrow (large and small size). The kit contains books, scat (rubberized), claws, skull, fur sample/pelt, puppets, and a radio collar.

Available from Friends of Banff National Park. For more information on renting a kit: visit the website.

Books and Other Written Materials

Wild About Bears! An Educator’s Activity Guide: For educators working with children grades K to 7. This unique guide uses bears – and other environmental-related topic – as organizing concepts in teaching to allow students to reach a deeper understanding so they can apply their knowledge to the real world. It contains a conceptual framework, key concept overview, primer and lots of activities. Click here to order.

Book: Ballad of the Wild Bear

Grizzly Bears Forever! A teacher activity guide for Science 7, 8 and 9 Available from Canadian Parks and Wilderness (CPAWS) For more information email CPAWS visit their website. This guide is also available from Friends of Banff National Park. Email or phone 403-762-8918

Ballad of the Wild Bear by Pat Chamberlin-Calamar and Sandy Kogl, Illustrations by Libby Hatton

See the listing under “For Kids and Students” below. There is also a FREE Teaching Guide for Ballad of the Wild Bear available (PDF file). Download now.

The Florida Black Bear Curriculum Guide (193 pages)

This outstanding, beautifully illustrated Curriculum Guide is a comprehensive series of lessons on the natural history and conservation needs of Florida’s black bear. It is designed to educate and stimulate teachers and students in grades 3-8. The lessons address many subject areas such as reading, language arts, history, geography, social studies, math, art and science. While the guide focuses on Florida’s black bear, it contains a plethora of fabulous and creative activities as well as great ideas for engaging students. Click here to download.


Bear Country is a musical project for wild kids & wild cubs produced with the hope that the future will hold places where both bears & people can coexist & thrive. You can purchase the CD & download the lyrics. If you are a non-profit or environmental education initiative please contact Julie for wholesale orders: julie@scentmark.org.

This is just about the sweetest little record I’ve ever heard.

A recent happy listener remarked.

For Kids and Students (and Teachers too)


Bear Smart Kids

Bear Smart Kids BookletWritten and illustrated by Evelyn Kirkaldy

8 1/2″ x 11″ soft colour cover, 18 pages, black and white inside.

This book will make you smarter than the average bear! This is a wonderfully illustrated colouring and activity book about bears around the world, bear necessities, the life of a bear, crosswords and much more. A fantastic book for teachers too, produced by the Get Bear Smart Society. Order now.

Discovering Black Bears

by Margaret Anderson, Nancy Field, Karen Stephenson

Illustrated by Michael Maydak, published by Dog-Eared Publications, 2007

Soft cover, 40 pages, 8.5 x 11″, many colour pages, ISBN: 978-0-941042-37-6Discovering Black Bears

Discovering Black Bears is a nature activity book that explores the natural history of the black bear, its behaviour and habitat. It also covers bear-human conflicts and how problems can be resolved. This engaging book, aimed at children of all ages, introduces the reader to real-life bear biologists, who have new insights into bear behaviour. Discovering Black Bears has full color illustrations, a sheet of black bear stickers, and contains 20 activities designed to challenge children’s minds. A great resource for teachers too.

To order, call 608-831-1410 or visit their web site: www.dog-eared.com

book-BOWBBallad of the Wild Bear by Pat Chamberlin-Calamar and Sandy Kogl, Illustrations by Libby Hatton

Follow Grizz as she wanders the trail full of risk to town in this children’s picture book with musical CD. Will Grizz’s fate be the same as her brother after the boar learned to like people’s feasts? Can bears and people co-exist? Learn what can happen when people adopt new habits to keep bears wild and people safe; when campsites are clean, animals safely tucked behind electric fences and garbage cans can’t be pried. Ballad of the Wild Bear is based on true-life events in Talkeetna and adapted from an old folk tune.This award winning children’s book includes a music CD with original music and read-a-long versions for children. Received top media awards in 2005 from the Association of Partners of Public Lands and the National Association for Interpretation. Available anywhere books are sold.

Youth Activity Booklet: Fun and Games to Become Bear Aware

Produced by WildSafeBC, British Columbia Conservation Foundation

Download here.

Bear Wise Kid’s Activity Booklet (downloadable)

An Activity booklet on “What you Should Know About Black Bears” containing a checklist, maze, crossword, rhyming words, word scramble, colouring pages, word search and some advice on what you can do when a bear comes into your schoolyard. A great resource for teachers too.


Bear with Me: A Young Person’s Guide to Black Bear Safety

In Bear with Me we follow young Josh on his quest to write a story about black bears for his school newspaper. He interviews an expert, has a close encounter with a bear during a camping trip, and learns about all the dos and don’ts of living in bear country. Sometimes funny, always informative, this program provides young viewers with what they need to know to live safely with black bears.

For home use or educational distribution, contact: McNabb Connolly

Phone: 866 722 1522 / 905 278 0566 email: info@mcnabbconnolly.ca

Fun stuff

Playing Cards

Bear Wise Playing Cards

We carry two versions of Bear Smart playing cards. Both are unique decks of 52 regular playing cards (plus 2 jokers) that you can use to play your favourite card games or create new variations on traditional card games.

Play your way through bear country as you learn to live with your ursine neighbours.

Get 52 Bear Safety Tips & Facts. This deck contains 52 different photographs of black bears each with a different tip. View all the cards.

Bear~ology playing cards contain 52 different cartoons each one giving a different and fascinating bear fact. They are not just educational, they are hilarious! Bear~ology playing cards are fun for kids, adults and the whole family. You can learn about safety around bears; and discover the truth about bears and bear behavior. View all the cards.Bear~ology Playing Cards

Get Bear Smart playing cards are a valuable educational tool and they make an ideal gift! The cards retail for $6.99 each. Shipping costs are extra. Wholesale prices are also available for stores and bear aware groups.

Help bears while having fun! Proceeds go towards saving bears’ lives.

Just send us an email to order large quantities at wholesale prices.

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